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HEGGE presskit


Technical Rider


Horns : (Altsax and sopranosax , tenorsax)

- EV- RE20
- SM 57 (tenor)
- DPA 4011
- Neuman U87A - Akg 414 - Shure KSM 32

Three notestands

- AT 4081
- DPA 4090
- Schoeps CCM4 m/ VA5 adapter - Remic D5400
- Remic D5400LB


- A small gallien grueger/shertler/acousti image combo amplifier or other similar amps. - Four stage monitors.


- Standard jazzkit:
- Prefered brands: Gretsch, slingerland, hayman, ludwig.

- Sneardrum 14 x 5-7" (no smaller)

- Tom 12x8"
- Floor tom 14x12-14" - Bassdrum18x14

- High hat stand (Prefered brand tama/yamaha, but anything works) - 2 cymbal stands, straight or linked.
- Snear drum stand
- Bass drum pedal – Needs a filt, no metal or plastic.


Grand Piano of good quality or upright piano. 
Must be tuned same day as gig. 




Jonas Kullhammar- saxophones Martin Myhre Olsen- saxophones Vigleik Storaas - piano
Håkon Mjåset Johansen- drums
Bjørn Marius Hegge - double bass/composer

«Hegge» - WInner of the Norwegian grammy award (Spellemannsprisen) for best jazz record 2017 - is the up-and coming Norwegian composer and double bass player Bjørn Marius Hegge  project, consisting of five of the finest jazz musicians in Scandinavia. They invite the audience into the melodical vibe that existed in the 1960s with catchy grooves, humourus phrasings mixed with strong compositions and playful improvisations. Even though the music is highly influenced by jazz legends such as Cannonball Adderley, Ornette Coleman and Charles Mingus, the band collectively drives their music into a different direction where each and every member are allowed to freely express themselves.


"Det er årets albumtittel, men det er ikke uoverkommelig langt unna å være årets norske jazzplate heller."

"Its the album title of the year, but its not far from being the best Norwegian jazz record of the year as well."

Audun Vinger - Dagens Næringsliv


"Godt hørbare impulser fra tiårets soul/r&b så vel som den nye ekspressiviteten til tross, handler likevel Vi är ledsna men du får inte längra vara barn mest om uimotståelig drivende og danseeggende souljazz»

(Google translate it!) 

Terje Mosnes - Jazznytt